Magento Commerce Express Package

A unique partnership between Weidenhammer and Magento, our Express Package program can streamline the deployment of a new Magento Commerce platform for your business. This includes consultation, design and brand integration, our recommended base of toolset extensions, continuity of current site authority and search engine placements, and cloud-based hosting and security. You get a dedicated team of skilled and experienced Magento-Certified Developers and user-experience design experts.

  • Magento 2 Implementation
  • Recommended Toolsets and Extensions
  • Managed Secure Cloud Hosting Solution
  • Custom Brand Integration by our Creative Team
  • Continuity of Search Engine Site Authority
  • Customer Training
  • Full Support

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Magento Application Tuning | Performance Optimization

Site performance optimization is a core focus within our Magento projects. Weidenhammer provides extensive expertise in architecting cloud-based environments that maximize the performance, robustness, and security of E-commerce applications.

Our teams have experience in solving specific performance problems through the movement of key interactions into NoSQL solutions such as ElasticSearch, Solr, and MongoDB. Our teams can also provide implementation expertise in caching platforms such as Redis and Varnish.

  • Performance-optimized scalable hosting
  • Content Delivery Network implementation
  • Clean, merged code for fast load times
  • Optimized Image Delivery
  • Smart selection of modules and extensions
  • Database / PHP Accelerators
  • Optimized Caching


Magento System Scaling | Traffic Management

Our project teams have the experience to maximize the broad architectures supported by Magento. We have designed and implemented “tech stacks” capable of handling millions of SKUs and customers, as well as thousands of stores.

Weidenhammer provides the expertise to reinforce brand value by empowering customers to locate their preferred product configuration among a nearly-infinite number of variations. Our expertise includes traffic pattern analysis, seasonality usage planning, and peak traffic management.

  • Managing millions of customers and millions of SKUs in a single instance
  • Peak Monitoring and Management
  • Intelligent Deployment Architecture
  • Continuous Stress-Testing
  • Integration Performance at Scale
  • Empowered Custom Functionality at Scale

Magento Business Intelligence | Analytic Platforms

One of the most powerful features of Magento is the Business Intelligence platform. For data-driven organizations, these tools allow the business to make actionable sense of the volumes of data your analytics and tracking deliver. No more wasting your day organizing spreadsheets of data, this platform will let you spend less time finding answers and spend more time making critical decisions. Our team can show your team how to maximize the value of the data across multiple marketing channels.

If you prefer to choose a different data platform Weidenhammer also provides expertise and assistance in choosing best-fit analytic solutions. Our data specialists are expert in the techniques to integrate disparate sources of data then develop ETL platforms (Extract, Transform, Load). We will take responsibility for the development of Dashboards, KPIs, and Predictive Analytics so our clients can make the best-fit decisions then act upon them.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Integrations with Business Applications
  • Streamlined Reporting
  • Deep visibility into metrics that matter
  • Marketing consultations that find value in the data

Magento Migration | Planning and Implementation

Gain confidence that your migration plan fully accounts for every aspect of your present and future commerce needs to maximize the return on your Magento investment.

Reduce risk and time-to-market with robust analysis and a plan for development, made possible by deep technical knowledge and a breadth of commerce experience.

Drive better execution and lower TCO with a strategic plan to maximize feature utilization while reducing reliance on custom code.

Augment your migration team’s capabilities through shared best practice methodologies, and strategic guidance from our expert consultants.

We Get In-Depth With Migration Planning

Our migration service combines a comprehensive assessment of your Magento implementation with a thorough understanding of your business goals to analyze your entire commerce strategy.


Full appraisal of your current Magento deployment

  • Codebase, Databases
  • System Landscape / Systems of Record
  • Requirements, Wireframes
  • Test Documentation
  • Existing-state and Future-state     Infrastructure
  • Environments
  • Development Tools, SDLC



Assess business requirements and all-inclusive code integrity

  • Desktop and Personal Device Requirements
  • Integrity of Magento Core Code
  • Custom Modules
  • Extensions
  • Customized Features
  • Integrations
  • Database
  • Theme and Templates
  • Test Documentation
  • Infrastructure
  • Environments


Strategic Planning

A recommended approach to maximize utilization of entire platform

  • Custom Modules
  • Extensions
  • New Features
  • Theme
  • Personal Devices
  • Integrations
  • Information Migration
  • Business Process Changes
  • Infrastructure
  • Environments
  • Testing