Balfour needed to augment their Magento platform to quickly replicate and streamline workflows for thousands of ecommerce storefronts

For over 100 years, Balfour has manufactured and distributed products that celebrate the pride and passions associated with achievement. Since their beginning in 1913, Balfour produced jewelry for college fraternities and sororities across the U.S. As business grew, they expanded their services to the military, championship jewelry and even high school and college yearbooks. Today, they serve over tens of thousands of institutions worldwide as a renowned provider of academic memorabilia.


Balfour wanted to provide their clients with a highly customized experience through personalized e-commerce storefronts. These storefronts would allow their clients to view their logos and colors on a variety of products and order in bulk. They needed a solution that could support tens of thousands of unique e-commerce storefronts.


Balfour already had an existing Magento platform, and with our expertise, we were able to augment Magento’s robust indexing and caching workflows as well as extend their system beyond their current capabilities in order to create this new product they had envisioned. We also embedded a checkout process inside an external system in a way that emulated the traditional clipboard while implementing robust error checking and a streamlined fulfillment. The major challenge was accomplishing this in the context of tens of thousands of storefronts, wherein the amount of data held in the system pushed the limits of its design.

The finished product created faster deploy times and faster websites for Balfour. Sales representatives are able to transact more efficiently and effectively, and clients can now place bulk orders directly through their personalized e-commerce storefront. The personalization aspect also boosts more sales since clients are able to see exactly what their finished products will look like with their own logos, colors and various personalized features.